Toddler Brushing

Are they ready for a dentist yet? The answer is YES. It might be cute to give your little one a toothbrush and watch them mimic you as they “brush,” but keep in mind those are real teeth and need to be cleaned the same way adult teeth do (help from mom and dad is required). Your little one should be seeing a dentist on a regular basis for some gentle dental. Even though they aren’t quite ready for braces or Invisalign yet, routine visits will keep a good eye on oral development and HELP steer clear of any cavities. Seeing a pediatric dentist could be a good option if your toddler is very apprehensive, however it is not always necessary. They often get joy, excitement, and feel relaxed knowing their mommy, daddy, brother, or sister goes to the same Yorktown dentist. So make an appointment for your little one so they too can be added to your family chart and we can start them on the path to great oral health.

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