The Most Acidic Food

Healthy eating is important for a healthy body, which is why most of us aim to improve our diets. But many of the foods that we eat can also affect our teeth. Especially for patients with thinning enamel or sensitivity issues, it may be a good idea to limit foods that are very acidic. Below are some foods with a high acid content:

1. Tomatoes-Acidic by nature, they also trigger acidic reactions in the body.
2. Lemons-Most people do not eat lemons alone, but the juice may be hiding in salad dressings and other foods.
3. Pickles-Like most cured foods, they are preserved in vinegar.
4. Wine-Not only are the tannins acidic, but red wine can stain your pearly whites.
5. Coffee-Not only a very staining beverage, but also quite acidic.
6. Sweeteners-This includes natural sweeteners like sugar and honey along with artificial ones like aspartame.
7. Fruit-Especially cherries and citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges.
8. Carbonated beverages-This includes sodas (even diet) and seltzer.

While you may not eliminate these foods from your diet, it may be possible to limit their effects. For example, alternate glasses of wine and water. Or, try pairing acidic foods with more alkaline counterparts (see below). Don’t forget to be good to your health and your smile!

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